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Awarded the Best Dog Bed for 2023!

Best Dog Bed Award

Celebrate with us!

Our range of Eco-friendly Donut Beds have been awarded the #1 Dog Bed by PETA in their Vegan Homeware Awards for 2023!! 


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"Your four-legged friend deserves the best, and OH HECK’s calming, anti-anxiety dog bed will help them relax in cosy comfort – all while doing its bit for the planet: this soft, fluffy accessory is made from post-consumer recycled materials, free from animal-derived fabrics.. Making it our pick for the Best Dog Bed for 2023"

PETA - 2023 Vegan Homeware Awards 


What Makes Them So Special?

Does your Pup struggle with being alone? Does leaving them for long periods make you nervous? Or are you just looking for a bed that your pup will love? Our anti-anxiety beds are the perfect safe place for them to snooze!

Our Beds are specially designed to appeal to your pups natural nesting instinct:

  1. With an Oversized Rim designed to help them snuggle up and feel secure.
  2. Extra-Comfy Padding to relieve muscles & joints after long days in the park,
  3. Soft, 100% Vegan Fur to help distribute heat and keep them cool. 

What's More... They're Great for the Planet too!!

Crafted with care from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, our beds are designed to provide the perfect calming retreat for your pup, whilst delivering on our commitment to offering the highest quality eco-friendly alternatives. Each bed purchased saves upwards of 30 plastic bottles from going to landfill and our oceans!!!

How Do We Do it? 

We take recycled products, break them down into pellets & re-mould them into yarn that can be spun into our 100% post-consumer recycled fabrics. The result is a durable, yet ultra-comfy fabric that can be woven into our fluffy covers and blankets, or bundled into our bouncy, supportive stuffing.


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