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Our Mission to Reduce Plastic Waste in the Pet Industry

Reducing Plastic Waste in Pet Industry

We started OH H*CK with a simple goal in mind:

We want to make it easy for consumers to make eco-conscious buying decisions. Without sacrificing on quality, and without overpaying!

We’re so excited to have all our crazy ideas finally brought to life! We set out with a vision of creating the best brand for dog owners across the UK to shop for stylish, high quality and eco-friendly pet essentials.

As dog owners ourselves, we found it too difficult finding eco-alternative products. And when we did we were overpaying by far too much. Customers are being exploited by brands for wanting to shop with the environment in mind. We thought that wasn’t fair. So, we set about designing some of our own!

Our goal is to transform the pet industry by offering sustainable alternatives to the cheap, un-environmentally friendly products that currently litter the market.  

We're tired of the 'fast-fashion' trends that have plagued the pet industry over the last decade. For too long cheap products have polluted the shelves of pet stores, and the waste they generate has contributed to the increasing damage in our environment.

We're committed to ensuring all our products are made from sustainable, organic or 100% recycled materials and we will always use eco-friendly packaging! So you can shop confidently knowing you’re doing your bit of the planet! Through education, and the availability of high quality eco-alternatives, we believe we CAN make a lasting impact for the better.

Happy Pups, Happy Planet

And so we have our mission. High-quality essentials that you (and your pups) will love, whilst using sustainable materials that wont negatively impact our planet!

Happy Pups, Happy Planet!

The OH H*CK Team

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