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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to the dog blog

Hey, and welcome to our first newsletter post!

When we first came up with the idea behind OH HECK we wanted to be more than just another High-street brand. Our goals were to promote responsible spending on our pups and of course to build a community of like-minded, eco-conscious dog owners.

So that’s why we created this newsletter!! We wanted a place where we could connect with our community, share more in depth and behind the scenes snippets of the latest OH HECK news and give you, our loyal customers, a chance to get to know us better.

Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping it short and sweet!

We get it. Most newsletters are boring spam! They just fill up your inboxes and offer you nothing of value! We want to be different. You see.. we don’t take ourselves too seriously at OH HECK.. and neither will this newsletter. No boring filler. No useless daily spam. Just short, informal updates about all things OH HECK!

It’s a feel-good, laid-back way for us to interact with you, share what we’re working on and keep you up to date with all things doggos! What’s not to love?

If you have a specific topic you'd like us to talk, let us know in the comments below!!

Happy Pups, Happy Planet!

The OH H*CK team


  • Please tell us about how you set up the brand I’d love to hear!!

    Sarah Levy-rose
  • Can’t get enough of your brand, looking forward to reading!!

    Sammy Finningan
  • Love it! Can’t wait to read more 😊

    Sally G

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