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Why We Started an Eco-Friendly Pet Brand


We're asked on an almost weekly basis why we chose to found an eco-friendly pet brand.

"It would be so much easier, and cheaper to source raw materials from virgin plastics. You could have higher profit margins an a much wider product range". 

To help you understand why, we have to take you back a few years..

In 2020, we picked up our new pup Tilly. She's a sweetheart (you'll probably agree if you've seen her modelling our products). We LOVED spoiling her with new toys and treats to make sure she's living her best life... but we were disappointed by the amount of cheap, plastic products on the market.

So we did some research..

We began looking at how the pet industry was effecting the environment.. and we were shocked to discover the devastating impact the industry was (and still is) having on our environment; with the industry creating 300 million tonnes of plastic waste each year!

Pet owners and leading industry brands are contributing to an ongoing environmental disaster..

We saw a plastic pandemic in the industry. Plastic being the go to material for the majority of pet products, and most consumers aren’t even aware. Big brands have been capitalising on this for years. From plush toys, cuddly blankets, cosy beds and harnesses… They’re almost always made from plastic!!!

Trying to Make a Change..

We were guilty of buying these kinds of products in the past too (Tilly had every toy in the book by this point!!). We decided we wanted to make a change. We began searching for new eco-friendly pet brands to purchase from. But we found it almost impossible to find them!! We knew we should be doing better. So after some thinking, we decided to do it ourselves.

A New Start!

We spent months researching and developing our first range of sustainable products. Finding the best suppliers, the highest quality products and designing our brand. We decided to start with harnesses, collars, leads and beds.. because everyone needs those. Except this time, they would all made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

We wanted to help consumers understand the impact their purchasing habits on the environment, and help them make informed purchasing decisions. We believe customers should have the opportunity to buy eco-friendly alternatives. Our goal is to become the go-to eco pet brand for doggy paw-rents around the world!

And here we are. Now almost a year after we set out with this crazy idea. With multiple product lines on offer, and lots of new ones to come in the future!! We're so thankful of all the amazing support we've received from our customers. You are amazing! We can't wait to grow together and see what the future holds!    

Happy Pups, Happy Planet!

The OH H*CK team


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  • Hi Oh Heck Team,
    My name is Debbie, I am a dog mum of a German Shepard x Husky ‘Bear’ and I am a dog lifestyle content creator. I am really impressed with your brand ethos and mission with producing eco friendly products and finding ways that we can provide better accessories for our dogs without harming the planet more. I create relatable authentic organic content for brands like yours and was hoping to get in touch with your marketing team via email so I can send over my portfolio with hopes to work together. Is this something you would be keen to get involved in?

    Best wishes
    Debbie Tsang

    Debbie Tsang

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