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About Us

Hey, We're OH H*CK!

We're a small UK brand committed to providing sustainable, eco-friendly dog accessories and essentials!

what's with the name?

We don't take ourselves too seriously at OH H*CK.. so we wanted our brand to mirror what our pups mean to us; A whole lot of cuteness and a big ol' sprinkle of mischief:

OH H*CK - [Dog-lingo] exclamation

"OH H*CK no, not bath time again!!!""OH "H*CK here comes the postman..."
"Mmmm, I just h*ckin' LOVE chicken!!!"

Often a naughty word for dogs....used to emphasise excitement, surprise or when expressing a minor frustration. Best not say this around one grandma.. 

Our Core Values

Our Eco-Guarantee

We care as much about the planet as we do our dogs. So we ensure all our products are made from responsibly sourced, organic or recycled materials.

Product Quality Guarantee 

We get it! You want only the best products for your pups. So we make it our mission to ensure all OH H*CK  products are the highest quality.

Customer Service Promise

We put you (and your pup) first! We promise to always be there for you when you need us, don't be afraid to get in touch.

Our Mission

Happy Pups,
Happy Planet

We want to make it easy for consumers to make eco-conscious buying decisions. Without sacrificing on quality, and without overpaying!

We're tired of the 'fast-fashion' trends that have plagued the pet industry over the last decade. For too long cheap products have polluted the shelves of pet stores, and the waste they generate has contributed to the increasing damage in our environment.

Our goal is to transform the pet industry by offering sustainable alternatives to the cheap, un-environmentally friendly products that currently litter the market.  

We're committed to ensuring all our products are made from sustainable, organic or 100% recycled materials and we will always use eco-friendly packaging! Through education, and the availability of high quality eco-alternatives, we believe we CAN make a lasting impact for the better.

"The future will be green, or not at all"

- Jonathon Porritt


Our Story

Welcome to the pack!

We whole-heartedly believe that together we CAN make a difference in the pet industry for the better. YOU can be part of that change, and together we'll make our industry better for everyone!!

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